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6 Wolves Písně & amp; Football Chants

Bark at the loon, keep tut track.

46 Let Him Die Sung to oppossing players when there injured
76 Whats It Like to Follow Sh*t Well .....
90 We Forgot Quiet as mice Seznam stop
106 Jamie O'Hara One for our new hero
435 Get Into 'Em Sung to get the lads going. Seznam stop
472 Sing When You're Farming Sang to Ipswich tractor boys when we visit them and they vist us.
502 We Are Wolves Good ringtone material Seznam stop
585 We'll Never Die Sang If We Lose Seznam stop
602 Are You Watching BBC? Shouted at the ref for giving the opposition soft free kicks Seznam stop
741 Baggies Home Tescos
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771 You Might Aswell Go home
836 We Had Joy We had fun
865 Where's Your Statue Gone? Sung to saints fans, when we were losing 6-0 as they have had a statue demolished as it didn't look right, that same week.
1086 You'll Never Take the Donkey! Sang At Bristol When A Blow Up Balloon Of 'Donkey' Of Shrek Was Blown Up And A few Other Things And Security Wanted Them All !
1115 Ebanks Blake Sung by Wolves fans when he scores or got the ball. Seznam stop
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