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9 Sunderland Písně & amp; Football Chants

Mackem boys and girls singing out!

68 Deano He's coming to attack
110 Steven Fletcher Scores When He Wants One for our goal machine Seznam stop
230 The Gallowgate Is Always Full Of..... (answers on a postcard) Seznam stop
366 I Don't Care For The Bottler
626 Anton - His Names Not Rio Anton Ferdinand of our best defenders
641 Bye Bye Magpies Sung in the tune of Cisse Number 9
671 Your Strips from Matalan Crap kits
693 Daryl Murphy Daryl Murphy could not hit a barn door
730 Colback Is Magic Calback the new Scholes. Bolton away
805 Get Into 'Em - Sunderland F*ck em up! Seznam stop
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924 An N and an E and a W-C At least we can spell
1013 Walking in a Wallace Wonderland On the back of him being unable to control himself celebrating Seznam stop
1275 What Do You Think of the Mags Hated with a passion
1306 Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha (Ce Se Ra) Sing to the Boro and Baggies
1321 Stevie Coppell Are You Listening. Told you so!
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