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7 Liverpool Písně & amp; Football Chants

You'll never sing alone!

23 No History The sh*t club Chelsea with no history Seznam stop
149 Liverpool (Clapping) Another classic, the ringtone is shorter due to technical requirements, but loops nicely anyway. Seznam stop
162 Rooney Hate Rooney scum
260 Blame it on Traore To Blame It On The Boogie
289 Chelsea Ain't Got No History Call that history, nouveau's. Seznam stop
299 We're Gonna Win the League Well..... mabye 2009-10
378 Justice for the 96 The Hillsborough disaster occurred during the semi-final FA Cup tie between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest on 15 April 1989. Tragically 96 Liverpool fans were killed. LFC fans were blamed until the inquiry released in Sept 2012 cleared LFC fans of blame Seznam stop
556 Hes Only a Pour Cockney ... For any team in Cockney land
616 Harry Kewell For the Aussie flyer. Seznam stop
678 Who the Hell Are You Liverpool fans sing to most, that's what I call history... Seznam stop
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687 Who Are Ya? Come on! Seznam stop
844 We Hate Nottingham Forest Just a selection of the most hated, put into words. (Ed: Now with audio) Seznam stop
963 Oh Steven Gerrard - Too Good to Be True Classic song worthy of Stevie G (Ed: Very good indeed) Seznam stop
1005 You're David N'Gog! David N'gog song (Ed: Sorry poor recording) Seznam stop
1072 Peter Crouch Feet out of the Bed Funny footy chant about the big man Peter Crouch. Sorry recording isn't the greatest. Seznam stop
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