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17 Cardiff City Písně & amp; Football Chants

The Welsh doing what they do best.

3 We Are Top of the League! You alright down there? Seznam stop
277 Jay Bothroyd Is There Any Better?? Is thee any better than him ,,,,, really?
387 If You Dont F****** Bounce Bouncing around
625 Nathan Blake sung circa 1992/93 after an '"incident'" in Cardiff city centre
857 Bellamy Two fingers to the debtors - (to Only Fool's & horses tune)
1026 Ayatollah Classic Cardiff City Seznam stop
1110 Follow Follow Follow Another Cardiff chant for Swansea
1198 Leighton James Is a Tw*t homage to the silly jack
1522 Cry on the Tele English and their World Cup
1709 Chopra! South Wales' finest's tribute to their former forward.
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1718 Viva Paul Parry Paul parry
1722 Bluebirds Fly my precious, fly. Seznam stop
1919 Oh Kasper, Woah For former loan keeper Kasper Schmeichel
2035 And We Were Singing A take on the Swansea classic Seznam stop
2076 And It's Cardiff City Another football chant classic from City fans. Seznam stop
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